Make Room for the Entire Family in Shreveport, LA

You'll have elbow room to spare with one of our custom dining tables

You've seen it happen every year. The family gets together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, and everyone fights for space at a small table - if they're even lucky enough to claim a spot at the grown-up's table. Instead of resigning yourself to these uncomfortable situations, get a custom dining table from Mahony's Construction in Shreveport, LA. We'll build your new custom kitchen table to your specifications and ensure there's plenty of space for your family.

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Your custom table, built to last

A custom dining table is a gift that you can pass down for generations. That’s why we:

  • Build all of our tables to last
  • Offer clients over 100 color options
  • Follow our clients’ specifications to the letter

We want to ensure that we make a product you and your family will love for generations. That’s why we offer so many different options to create the perfect table. Speak to our owner today about designing your table.