Replace Your Factory-Made Table

Create an epoxy resin table with help from our craftsman in Shreveport, LA

Sitting down around a spacious table for dinner with your family should always be something that helps you create amazing memories. But, you can't sit down for dinner without a table that seats everyone. Mahony's Construction in Shreveport, LA builds custom epoxy tables from beautiful, natural sections of wood. We can build an epoxy resin table for your home that you'll love.

Reach out to us today if you'd like a custom table.

Learn more about our table-building process

If you’re interested in getting a custom epoxy table for your space, you’ll want to know a little more about our process. We:

  • Custom-select wood and materials for every order
  • Use proper sanding techniques for a perfectly smooth finish
  • Glue and clamp tables during the building process for maximum stability

It takes us approximately a week to build epoxy resin tables, accounting for curing and hardening time. During this process, you’ll pick the resin colors for your table from our selection of over 100 colors. Email us now if you have any questions for our craftsman.